The Slugger is the first in our line of cabinet smokers.  It has enough capacity to cook 12-16 pork shoulders or racks of ribs at one time depending on size.  Fully insulated

The Slugger

Welcome to the ironside

The Mule is a hard working beast!  wide enough to hold 3 hotels pans side by side on each rack.  This high volume smoker is great for commercial operations .  Fully insulated



The CDR (Commander) is a wider cabinet that can hold two hotel pans side by side on each rack.  This unit is great for competitions and cooking large quantities of food.  Fully insulated

A Message From the Owners

Ironside Smokers are designed from the ground up to produce amazing food, while offering unmatched convenience. All of our cookers are designed to run on straight wood or charcoal. This allows the pitmaster to produce maximum flavor from live fire wood burning and easily transition to charcoal for convenience. Thanks for stopping by and please don't hesitate to give us a call. We love talking barbecue!