See upgrades below

     Standard Features

  1. Exterior dimensions are 29” wide, 28” deep, 48” tall (not including the height of the castors or the smoke stack)
  2.  Fully welded, with 11 gauge steel on the inside (roughly 1/8") and 12 gauge steel on the outside

  3. Powder Coat finish with black as standard but several available color options as upgrade

  4. Stainless steel cooking grates - 4 slide out grates measuring 22” x 21”. Each grate holds 4 - 5 pork shoulders, for a total of 16 - 20 per cooker

  5. (2) 10" Pneumatic castors and (2) steel swivel casters with brake. 

  6. 1” heat shield plate packed with high heat insulation ( Remove the plate to create higher temp differentials top to bottom)

  7. Two stainless steel side handles for easy maneuvering

  8. One 2” brass ball valve for the air intake

  9. Mild steel water pan (without piping) See upgrade page for welded in water pan with drain/fill piping

  10. Two cool touch compression latches

  11. 3” Tel-Tru temp gauge installed on all units

  12. Four welded on D rings, for easy transport

  13. Slide out fire grate with charcoal basket and ash pan

  14. Stainless steel drip guard above the firebox

Upgrades for the slugger

 the ironside Slugger

Email:  ​

​Phone:   608.345.9902 (Ask for Pete)

Ironside Slugger Base Price


​- Probe ports for electric thermometers  $25 each

​- Ironside Gauge House to house your electronic thermometer systems  $95

​- Stainless Steel folding work table on side  $175

- Stainless Steel welded in water pan with exterior drain and fill  $350

- Additional 2 inch stainless steel ball valve  $45

​- Additional stainless steel cooking grates and racks  $110

​- Additional Racks (no grates)  $40

- Two additional pneumatic tires for easier moving  $75

​-  Custom cover with zippered back and cinch strap  $26562